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David J. Garfield
Also Credited as:
Dave Garfield and Dave Julian Garfield

Actor, Writer, Director and Producer David J. Garfield  attended the California Institute of the Arts for film & television acting and directing.

Born 1969 in Manhattan,  NY (son of actor Kurt Garfield brother and original trainer/partner of world famous Juggler Jason Garfield) and directly related to screen legend & Academy Award winner John Garfield,  David started acting at age seven, making short films at thirteen, and at fifteen performed a juggling act on LIVE television as "The Garfield Brothers" with his younger brother for the TV Special: "Kids on Stage" (1987).

SAG after joining ABC's "My So Called Life" (1994),  WGA registered as well for various teleplays and scripts, he has been acknowledged  for his work in television and  film as an actor,  director, writer and producer.  Founder of New England film production company Open Heart Cinema [us], as well as Wonderdog Entertainment and "Make A Killing Films" Post Production Facilities.  Much of his time at present is spent writing, producing and directing features.  He also continues to study the art of acting and directing for film and television at various respected Actors Studios in NYC.   

Published Interviews: 
Hollywood East
Newspaper SUN News


Game Industry Background: 

Worked and trained by Microsoft as a software developer, David has also programmed for video game companies: Atari, Lucasfilm, Southlogic Studios, GT Interactive, Cavedog,  and Humongous Entertainment to name just a few.   He  independently pioneered, developed, published, and produced the first game ratings brand (Rated NV) non-violent video games in 1991, three years before the ESRB was finally established. Providing alternatives and educating families around the globe of the importance of the ESRB (Game Ratings System).  He supports children's charities with proceeds from his company at GameGuideDog.com.


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